How long is each session? How often are sessions?
Most individual sessions are 45 min or 60 min. Sometimes a patient or Dr. Solomon determines that a longer session is required (e.g. Exposure, Intensive CBT, etc.). In this case, sessions may run 80-85 minutes or 110-115 minutes or longer. Shorter sessions of 20 min duration may be available for brief follow-ups or part of multiple weekly sessions.

Sessions are most often scheduled weekly but in some cases, more frequent sessions are needed. Intensive treatment can be a helpful option for individuals who are experiencing a high level of distress or for those that are interested in a more intensive, "fast-track" approach to treatment. This will be determined during your initial evaluation and will be discussed as treatment progresses.

As improvement occurs, it is common to decrease the frequency of sessions. After treatment ends, many patients schedule "booster sessions" on an as-needed basis in order to keep up with the improvements that have made and prevent relapse.

When are your office hours?
Dr. Solomon's hours are variable depending on time zone (AZ or NY) and are flexible due to the fact that all appointments are currently provided by phone and video conferencing. Please be aware that afternoon and evening appointments are highly sought after and these appointments can be booked several weeks to months in advance. You may request to be put on a wait list in case of cancellations.

What if I am unsure about starting treatment?
The decision to enter into therapy may be somewhat anxiety provoking.  We understand your concerns and seek to create as comfortable and safe of an environment as is possible.  Many people have had negative or unhelpful experiences in the past due to poor fit, unreadiness, a therapist's lack of expertise, etc.  Dr. Solomon will work with you collaboratively to determine your treatment goals, questions and concerns. Most people likely know after the initial evaluation whether or not they feel that treatment with Dr. Solomon is a good fit.  

How will you determine what is the best treatment and number of sessions for me?
After the initial assessment, your Dr. Solomon will discuss your treatment plan and share a timeline for therapy.  Generally, she will prefer to meet with you weekly in the beginning of treatment and will taper off as skills are acquired and momentum is gained. Treatment planning is a collaborative process so you will be offered multiple opportunities for input.

Will Dr. Solomon be available between sessions?
Dr. Solomon encourages patients to contact her by email for brief questions or updates. Email is considered a courtesy and is not the preferred means of contact for urgent matters. Dr. Solomon may not receive your email or may be out of the office and unable to reply. If you have a question or issue between sessions, please call the office. Calls will be returned within one to two business days.